The S.O.U. (Shades Of Understanding) was developed by Sensei Brad as a visual tool to provide a clearer understanding of ones journey to black belt, as well as an understanding of the various physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that come along with training in the martial arts. The top circle represents knowledge, the bottom application, the left and right circles represent the passive (calm) and aggressive (intense) state and finally the middle circle represents martial arts with the outer circle symbolizing life itself.  Each intersecting area is meant to point out a specific relationship and/or meaning of one or more of the elements above. With the ultimate effort to provide a quicker mastery of the art as a whole. 


  • RESPECT – Treating Others the way you would want to be treated.
  • SELF CONTROL – Controlling my behavior to match the situation.
  • SELF DISCIPLINE – Doing the things I know should be done, without being told.
  • INTEGRITY – Being honest with myself and others, Tell the truth
  • EFFORT – Trying my best in all that I do.

(Students are expected to put these rules into practice, both in and out of the school)


  • Being able to focus their energies in a fun, healthy & productive manner
  • Building confidence, discipline, and respect
  • Building strength, and improving flexibility
  • Learning to defend themselves
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