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Constantly taking courses on movement, performance, Self Defense, strength and conditioning, nutrition, yoga and many other areas of fitness, Sensei Brads philosophy is that if you want to be the best teacher, you must also be the best student.

With 14 years of full contact kickboxing training with World Champion Trainer Chris Cardona at Bellmore Kickboxing Academy, Sensei Brad has a lot of practical experience and insight to share with his students on how to prepare for full contact fighting both inside and outside of the ring.

  • 20+ years of Self Defense training

  • CrossFit certified trainer since 2009

  • AAPTE certified personal trainer

  • 4th degree black belt

  • Undefeated professional Kickboxer

  • Kids crossfit certified

  • New York State amateur middle weight full contact kickboxing champion

  • New York State amateur middle weight full contact kickboxing champion

  • New York State PKF full contact kickboxing champion

  • New York State professional PKF Champion. Light heavy weight


The story of Sensei Brad’s training in Self Defense started one day when he felt moved and empowered by the greatness of the teenage mutant ninja turtles and the legendary Green Ranger yet saddened with the fact he could become neither. Instead, Sensei Brad started training in the martial arts at the age of 9.

“I wasn’t always the fastest, the strongest or the toughest.  I just never gave up. I saw those around me stop or be discouraged from being at a belt too long or not doing well in sparring or competition; I just never thought to quit.  The notion or idea of quitting never really entered my mind. I see more and more as life goes on the importance of that virtue in relation to fundamental success in life.  Coming with an understanding that the reason to quit may never be the same for two people or situations. It may be lack of time or a distraction but what CAN be the same from person to person is the resolute nature of an individual to not accept defeat.” I hope to pass this virtue along to my students with the intention of showing them how to utilize it everywhere, every day and in every way of life.”

“I competed in every tournament I could from white belt on.   I never won at first.  Nothing, no medals, no trophies, no participation anything.  I would get knocked out of sparring in the first round and feel nervous as I performed my katas. I would go home discouraged and my mom always helped me get back up and try again.  Eventually, when I was a brown belt.  I started winning. I won a lot. The feeling that the following successes provided was (I believe) deeper with the reflection of all the failures that had led up to all the victories. Providing me with an understanding that succeeding is a process.  A complicated process that most assuredly is helped by viewing any and all failures as stepping stones towards the attainment of that success.”


“My first experience with CrossFit was at CrossFit Long Island with Chris Isierno, a giant dude who loved what he did almost as much as he loved to hug. I remember walking into the industrial gym in the back of an ice hockey rink.  I was in my early 20’s and was fighting fairly often.  I walked in with my head high (a little too high) explaining how I was a fighter, train in the martial arts, have been around the block and am looking to supplement my fight game.  Chris then introduced me to a lovely woman named “Fran” explaining the workout, I was slightly perplexed that it was so short but said sure… I’ll just crush this. I can very firmly say… I did not “crush this.”  I got crushed.  Fast forward to the next day when I was in so much pain I actually couldn’t go to school, I called Chris and said… I love it!  I spent several wonderful years at that gym and learned much about how to incorporate functional movement training in my own training as well as my students. I believe the greatest lesson CrossFit taught me was to tear down the walls of Fitness.  I don’t have to just run, just lift, just fight, just do yoga, I could create workouts that were my very own recipe for success in fitness. This lesson is echoed with the fact that I do not do the exact same workout in a class… ever.  It can have the same exercises but a completely different mindset or goal.  In that way, fitness will always evolve and training will never become stagnant.


Practicing the “Art of Self Defense” gives students the ability to hone, practice and utilize their training within the dojo in the regular world.  Disenchanted with the idea that the martial arts is preparing students for a potential altercation that may never even occur, it was necessary for him to develop a more practical, every day use for the martial arts.  The answer was found within. By very clearly expressing and showing students how to use their skills for accomplishing everyday battles that we encounter laziness, transitioning, anger, fear, anxiety, sadness and more.


With several years of yoga practice, Sensei Brad has taken his teaching in the martial arts to a new level.  Incorporating practical Yoga poses into the style offers students a strength and flexibility component not seen in other martial arts schools.

With the importance of teaching his students that learning and fitness can be enjoyable, Sensei Brad works hard to make hard work fun!  Watching one class is all you need to understand how passionate Sensei Brad is about teaching and inspiring.  Constantly coming up with new variations and ways to progress, there is never the exact same class twice!

Perhaps one of the best things about Sensei Brad is his ability to inspire, often saying that Motivation is one of the most precious commodities in a fit lifestyle. It is important to understand motivation originates in the soul.  Our feelings and thoughts can spark inspiration if you know where and how to look.  Whether utilizing positive or negative emotions, Sensei Brad will turn your bad days great or your great days greater by helping you channel yourself into your training and workouts.  With the end result that by the time you are done, any pent up external or internal frustration will have been burned off as fuel, leaving you in a peaceful, tranquil and proud state.

Sensei Brad is constantly trying to keep up to pace with his amazing students.  Who knows what he will test himself with next.

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