Spanning a large scope of fitness and self defense, Shaolin Oceanside utilizes various elements of many different forms of martial arts ranging from boxing and kickboxing to kung fu and jui jitsu in order to provide a well rounded understanding of the art of self defense.

A unique and innovative school that redefines modern martial arts by incorporating traditional self defense such as kickboxing, grappling, weapon defense, boxing, Kung-Fu and Karate with intense variations of cardio, plyometric training, gymnastics, resistance training, kettle bells and strength training.  All while inspiring both children an adults to go through life with a fierce passion for progress, motivation and personal growth!

In order to increase discipline, strength, confidence, and ability in self defense we challenge all of our students with fun and intense workouts that include elements from yoga, kettlebells, body weight exercises, plyometrics, core, stability, resistance, and agility training! Every single minute of our classes are used in some way to make our students better!

On top of all this, we promote a strong thirst for bettering ourselves in every way. Sensei Brad and all of the instructors love to hear about whatever makes our students proud. If they did well on a fitness test in school, received an exemplary grade, helped out around the house, worked out at home, challenged themselves in school taking on extra work or helping a friend, whatever makes them proud we want to hear about all of it so we can let them know how awesome they are!

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Sensei Brad Lemley has been in my life and the lives of my sons for nearly 13 years. As a direct result, their skills, self-esteem, confidence and athleticism have been significantly advanced by Brad’s unique style of instruction.  I say this as a sports psychologist expert in teaching methods and dedicated athlete myself.  Brad can literally teach in pictures and breakdown an apparently simple move into numerous tiny components for a more in depth understanding as a whole.  As well at times he also adds humor to an otherwise serious training instruction to show that working hard can also be fun.  Brad has forever impacted my family and I will always be grateful for that.

Dr. Richard Briglio Ph.D. - NY psychologist and father of 3 boys.

The Senseis have taught my son structure, self control and self defense. When you couple this approach with focused caring and a positive attitude, that’s what makes for a great school.


Not only is he a great Sensei but he is also a great Life coach.   Since I started with Sensei Brad I have watched my strength and conditioning increase.


When I have doubts, he keeps reminding me I can do it and  makes me go beyond my limits and gives me the extra push I need to believe in myself.   He is not only a great inspiration but he is also a great mentor.  I am grateful to have met him because he has helped me evolve, not only physically but mentally as well.


We absolutely love Shaolin Self Defense Center in Oceanside.  They encourage my daughter to work hard while also understanding her special learning needs.  Sensei Brad and Sensei Ryan have found a way to provide individualized instruction in a group environment.  My daughter’s confidence and self esteem have grown tremendously.


My son has been with Shaolin for almost 2 years and loves it!  We have had such a positive and fun experience, while learning skills.  As a parent I love how they focus on discipline and respect for self and others.  The senseis are wonderful and to the point.  We are very happy to be part of the Shaolin family!

Jen A.

The staff is great and knowledgable. They know how to keep the kids focused and wanting more.  It teaches them great skills that they will use in the future.  We’ve been coming for years and now we have added cross-fit to our son’s classes.  I give them 5 stars!

A mom!

I have two children, a boy and a girl, both of them started attending classes at Shaolin when they were 5 years old, they are now 7 and 10.  Sensei Brad knows each of my children’s strengths and weaknesses and helps them improve not only in karate but in their character.  They have gotten and continue to get so much more than an education in martial arts from Brad and his team of amazing and compassionate sensei’s. My kids are braver, more confident, self-disciplined and overall more “awesome” from Shaolin Self Defense.

Mr. & Mrs. Adler